Suzanne Aldrich

Web technologist specializing in security, performance, and usability.

Debating Executive Control of the Internet

“If government authority weren’t acting in good faith for the public welfare, they might find any legal or technical control over the Internet irresistible to abuse, especially if they weren’t knowledgeable of or concerned with the potential ramifications of exercising such power.”
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Stuxnet: Digital Industrial Sabotage or Cyber-Weapon of Mass Destruction?

“The most alarming implication of Stuxnet is that the concept of programming malware capable of disabling or destroying the critical systems necessary for sustaining our way of life is now in the toolkit of any sufficiently determined entity willing to invest the time and money necessary for deploying such a cyber-weapon of mass destruction.”
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So Drup-al funny how it seems Always run-time, but never inline for dreams. Head over heels when toe to toe. This is the sound of my LOL, This is the sound I solved all tickets from the world, But now…
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Up Late Reading

It was a dark and stormy night. Everyone had gone to bed and was sleeping soundly, except for Suzanne. She was up late reading and pondering the nature of the universe, as she often did. All of a sudd…
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First Post

Welcome to my blog. No, really. This is the first post on my shiny new blog, and I’m determined to make you feel welcomed. Please, make yourself at home. Poke around, and kick the tires a bit. M…
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