Recently while sorting through my late Uncle’s belongings, I located this handwritten letter to my Grandfather which I wrote him during the Winter quarter while attending Stanford University. I think my observation from the class I was taking in the German Department is particularly chilling, especially in light of recent events 2-6-98 Dear Grandpa, Sorry I haven’t written in so long. This time of year is usually pretty busy, although I only have 13 units this quarter.

So Drup-al funny how it seems Always run-time, but never inline for dreams. Head over heels when toe to toe. This is the sound of my LOL, This is the sound I solved all tickets from the world, But now I’ve critted again Why do I find it hard to write the next line? Oh I want the cat to be sed Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this much is Drup-al Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this much is Drup-al.

Welcome to my blog. No, really. This is the first post on my shiny new blog, and I’m determined to make you feel welcomed. Please, make yourself at home. Poke around, and kick the tires a bit. Mi casa es su casa. Let’s set the ball rolling, and get this party started. Et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum. I’ll be honest though - at this point, if you’ve already had quite enough of my usage of anachronistic idioms and mixed metaphors, you’re also not going to enjoy the occasional bad pun that gets thrown into this multisyllabic mix.

It was a dark and stormy night. Everyone had gone to bed and was sleeping soundly, except for Suzanne. She was up late reading and pondering the nature of the universe, as she often did. All of a sudden, Suzanne heard a frighteningly loud boom emanating from the ground floor and felt the whole house shake. She jumped out of her reverie in the comfortable chair where she had been slumped, and rushed downstairs to see just what had occurred to produce such an enormous cacophony.

Love is a holistic experience that cannot be contained merely in the mind or the body. Without physical chemistry, there is no sexuality. Without common interests or attitudes, there is no friendship. However, even if both mind and body are perfectly matched, there is still no guarantee that the subjects will “fall in love,” and perhaps those who would never think of associating with each other based on appearance or behavior are missing out on the love of their lives.

The story of Stuxnet reads like a cross between a work of cyberpunk fiction and an international spy novel. In 2009 the world community was intensely debating the immediacy of Iran’s nuclear weapon program readiness. Meanwhile, a clandestine software project, sponsored by a cyber superpower with vast resources, was engaged in coding the first known malware rootkit to monitor and subvert the programmable logic controllers of an industrial system, allegedly the Iranian Natanz uranium enrichment facility.

Since its mainstream popularity blossomed in the late 1990’s, the Internet has become tightly woven into the fabric of modern society. Linking together many formerly disconnected institutions and technics, the invention of this high-speed communication medium has also pushed freedom of speech issues to the forefront of the debate about protecting the highly pervasive technology and the critical infrastructure it serves from disruptive events. There is a protectable national security interest in ensuring that the Internet does not serve as a route for terrorists or hackers to commit digital attacks on the many vital services which are now inextricably connected to the network.

Sebastopol is a bucolic little hamlet seated in the western portion of Sonoma County, California. Formerly known for its Gravenstein apples, most orchards have long been planted with vineyards, or converted into the corporate grounds of the tech publishing firm O’Reilly Media. But several years ago a heated battle served to overturn the relative serenity of this community. The conflict erupted over the town’s implementation of a contract for a public Wi-Fi network in its main plaza.

Thesis Humanity has concurrently developed computer technology and progressed in the area of women’s rights during the course of this century. Although women are making progress and gaining equal treatment from society, there is a large gap between the numbers of men and women participating in the field of computer science. According to the 1996 CRA Taulbee Survey, only 16% of the Bachelors degrees in Computer Science were awarded to women.

Outline Thesis: Einstein’s equation, E=mc2, and the subsequent development of nuclear weapons, has led to an irrevocable change in warfare. Introduction The Development of Nuclear Weapons The Power of Nuclear Weapons The Effects of Nuclear Weapons Changes in tactics The obsolescence of ground troops Civilians as targets The threat of nuclear retaliation Limitation on types of war Guerrilla wars, revolutionary wars, and invasions Surrogate wars Promoter or deterrent?